Where are you based?

Every item is currently designed and handmade in Los Angeles, CA

Where can I shop in person?

You can shop Bone Amis in person at local craft/flea markets. Check out our instagram and home page for upcoming events 

Can we collab?

Email boneamis.info@gmail.com for any collaboration inquiries!

My dog is bigger/smaller than your size range what should we do?

Use the CUSTOM form to start the process of creating your custom piece

I have a special event that I want one of a kind matching outfits for!

Use the CUSTOM form to start the process of creating your custom piece

What are your return/exchange policies?

See: Shipping & Returns

Is putting pets in clothing animal cruelty?

If your pet is showing any signs of discomfort, annoyance, or aggression after putting him/her in clothing, we highly recommend taking the item off of them. Although we specialize in making dog clothing, we recognize that not all dogs are made for wearing clothes and we do not encourage forcing your dog to wear anything that isn't out of necessity if they do not like it. 

However, clothing for your pets can be a positive experience for both you and them. Clothing can have have a calming effect, protect your fur baby's skin from the elements/ keep them warm, and make them look and feel cute!

From personal experience, our CEO Giblets (an 8yr old chihuahua with alopecia and anxiety), loves wearing clothes because he is often cold and he doesn't have much fur to protect his skin. He is often much calmer wearing clothes, but also gets very excited when he sees his "going out" clothes because he knows he will be going on an adventure!

Why do you have male dogs modeling "girl" clothes/ wearing pink/ etc?

Because dogs don't care about gender constructs/stereotypes and neither should you!

Do you donate to Animal Rescues?

Yes! Each month we allow our customers to nominate a Los Angeles rescue to donate a portion of sales to.

Where are your clothes made and who makes them?

Nearly all items are handmade in our Los Angeles studio!

I would love to work for you! Where do I apply?

Email boneamis.info@gmail.com with your resume!