The 2023 Bone Amis Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2023 Bone Amis Holiday Gift Guide!! Feat. the perfect gifts for your favorite dog/human duo (or you and your pup!)

A. Bone Amis Bella Dress

B. Bone Amis Bella Dog Tee

C. Luxy Elle's Notebook & Bruiser's Bill Vegan Feather Pen

D. Paw London Luxury Dog Airline Carrier

E. Coach Nikola Hybrid Slingback

A. Bone Amis Tracksuit

B. Bone Amis Dog Tracksuit

C. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

D. Juicy Couture Pet Carrier

E. Casetify Pearl Phone Charm

A. Bone Amis Cross Sweatshirt

B. Bone Amis Dog Cross Sweatshirt

C. Wildflower Claudia Sulewski Case

D. Plufl Human Dog Bed

E. West Coast Candle Pet Friendly Candle

A. Bone Amis Sadie Sweater

B. Bone Amis Dog Sadie Sweater

C. Etsy Personalized Dog Stocking

D. Katie Puff Luxury Dog Bed

E. Bonne et Filou Holiday Dog Treat Advent Calendar





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